Graceful Norman architecture…

Trouville cottage community is a Russian twin of the fashionable French resort, just a 10 minute drive from Moscow

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The French call Trouville the younger brother of Deauville. Their Moscow-area counterparts have the same relationship. The Trouville residential community, located just 12 km from Moscow along the Minskoye highway, is more intimate and cozy than Deauville. At the same time, its luxury homes meet the same impeccable standards for premium housing.
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Trouville is implemented in the traditional Norman style. The picturesque houses with their characteristic high steep roofs, designed to divert rain water, are exceptionally durable and thus perfect for the northern climate.

Trouville residential community – the charm of Normandy, just a 25-minute drive from Moscow

You will not find two alike houses in Trouville, a unique combination of diverse artistic elements makes each one unique. All together, however, the houses represent a harmonious architectural composition.

Trouville is 100% complete and ready to welcome its residents. There are still cottages for sale.
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