Graceful Norman architecture…

The Trouville cottage community is a Russian twin of the fashionable French resort, just a 10 minute drive from Moscow

There are houses on sale
Trouville cottage community, located 17 km from Moscow, is a twin of the renowned and fashionable French resort. It is the latest addition to our family of club cottage houses based on out of the ordinary architectural approaches. Here, we have recreated not only the architecture but the very spirit of the French resort that so captivated Alexandre Dumas and Claude Monet.
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Our architects worked several years to recreate the fairytale-like charm of French Trouville. No two cottages in the community are alike: each design is a one of a kind masterpiece.

Trouville’s infrastructure meets all the requirements of deluxe cottage communities. Located on the property are a restaurant, a fitness center with an indoor pool and a spa-clinic, a small hotel, several parking lots for visitors and a summer coffee bar with an outdoor pool. On the central street you can sip a cup of coffee with a croissant or just chat with your neighbors.

Toylike façades, elegant profiles, large French windows and steep roofs… Stroll along the central street and you’ll soon forget that you are just a few minutes’ ride from Moscow.

Trouville is 100% complete and ready to welcome its residents. There are still cottages for sale.
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