There’s no paradise on earth, but there are pieces of it…

Nikolino is a legendary deluxe cottage community between the Rublevskoye and Minskoye highways.

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Nikolino is well known to both real estate industry insiders and those who have at some point thought about acquiring premium housing in Moscow’s environs. The property is situated in one of the most prestigious and green localities near Moscow, 23 km from the Russian capital along the Rublevsko-Uspenskoye highway.




There’s no paradise on earth, but there are pieces of it - such is the motto of the Nikolino cottage community. Located on uniquely beautiful grounds, carefully designed and well-thought-out, it embodies the very essence of prime suburban housing.

With a superbly equipped beach, a restaurant renowned well beyond its confines, and a multitude of entertainment facilities for children, Nikolino has everything you could ask for the life you’ve always dreamed of. Those who love walking will even find an age-old forest and a majestic natural lake.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of all Mirum’s projects. Walking around Nikolino, you’ll feast your eyes on the pebble-stone mosaic decorating the central square, the exclusive sculpture and intimate gazebos in remote corners of the parks, the one-of-a-kind wrought iron fences and the masterful stucco adorning the façades of houses.

Nikolino is a fully developed and fully populated cottage community.
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