When designing our projects, we at Mirum draw on centuries-old traditions in design, architecture and engineering and enlist the services of the premier Russian and western experts.

Property design development begins with a thorough examination of the grounds, with attention to landscape features and soil characteristics, so important in creating an inimitable harmony between the beauty of the natural environment and any future architectural work.

Preliminary sketches are made by hand - even in the case of small architectural forms and minor details of landscape planning. Then we proceed with producing detailed design drawings and 3D models.

Deluxe housing is always custom made - this is an inviolable rule of the trade. But we at Mirum go even further: we customize every single element in a house’s design and decoration. All elements are produced using templates based on the one-of-a-kind drawings of our artists.


Assembling a stucco cartouche using a template based
on an artist’s drawing at a scale of 1:1 (actual size)

All the stages of the design development process, from making a drawing to assembling a cartouche to putting everything in place, are rigorously controlled in terms of aesthetics. This approach guarantees the highest quality, which, as they say, is to be found in the details.

Deauville and Trouville - masterful works of original architecture

When designing the Deauville and Trouville cottage communities, our architects were faced with a daunting challenge: rather than blindly replicating the original façades of the French houses, they were resolved to use these beautiful and harmonious creations as inspiration, from which to create their own unique architectural gems.

Preliminary sketches were hand-drawn by the celebrated French architect Jean Rémy. Working from these, they developed final design documentation and produced detailed 3D models of the properties.

Today the Moscow-area Deauville and Trouville houses impress observers with their splendor, as well as the diversity and elegance of their architectural styles, ranging from modernist to gothic to renaissance. The dominant style, however, is Art-Deco, which differs from the modernist style by emphasizing symmetrical outlines and more elaborate decorations. 

Элитный посёлок Довиль в Подмосковье

Deauville deluxe cottage community in Moscow’s surroundings

To recreate the original ornate decorations of the French Deauville façades, we purchased in France and then shipped to Russia a unique collection of stucco. There isn’t a private collection or museum in Russia today that can boast a similar collection of architectural elements.

lepnina-1.jpg   lepnina-2.jpg   lepnina-3.jpg   lepnina-5.jpg   lepnina-4.jpg

The pieces in this collection have endured bombings and war, but the harmony instilled into them by the master architects who shaped the face of Paris in the time of Napoleon has remained intact. Mirum’s designers and architects have carefully recreated these decorative elements for use in adorning the façades of the Moscow Deauville. 

Mirum’s architectural bureau

From design development to the interior and exterior decoration of each house, construction of Mirum cottage communities is a creative endeavor, bringing together top professionals in various fields, all of whom approach their tasks with the inspiration borne of love. All Mirum properties have an immediately recognizable architectural style; at the same time, each house has its own unique personality.

Mirum’s Architectural Bureau will be happy to share with you its know-how and provide customization services for private houses.