When designing our projects, we at Mirum respect and follow centuries-old traditions in design, architecture and engineering and rely on the know-how of the best Russian and western experts.

Property design development begins with a profound site analysis, taking in consideration landscape and soil characteristics, so important in creating a perfect harmony between the beauty of the natural environment and any architectural work to be put in place.

Preliminary sketches are made by hand - even in case of small architectural objects and minor details of landscape planning. Then we proceed with creating accurate design drawings and 3D models.

Luxury housing is always custom made - this is number one rule in this business. We go beyond this rule: we customize every single element in a house design and decoration. All pieces are produced using unique authentic drawings of our artists.


Assembling a stucco cartouche using a template based
on an artist’s drawing at a scale of 1:1 (actual size)

Aesthetics rules all the stages of the design development process: from sketching a drawing to assembling a cartouche and putting everything in place. This approach guarantees the highest exclusive quality, where not a single detail is missing.

Deauville and Trouville - masterful works of original architecture

Designing Deauville and Trouville, our architects faced an ambitious challenge: they were committed to use these beautiful and harmonious French houses as inspiration to create their own unique architectural pieces, rather than simply replicate the original faсades.

Preliminary sketches were hand-drawn by the celebrated French architect Jean Rémy. Taking them as the basis, our architects developed the final project.

Moscow-area Deauville and Trouville properties impress observers with their splendour, as well as the originality and elegance of their architectural styles, ranging from modernist to gothic to renaissance. The dominant style, however, is Art-Deco, which stands out from the modernist style by emphasis on symmetrical outlines and more elaborate decorations.

Элитный посёлок Довиль в Подмосковье

Deauville a Russian twin of the famous French resort located just 10 km from the Russian capital.

To replicate the authentic ornate decorations of the French Deauville facades, we ordered directly from France a unique stucco collection. There is no private art collection or museum in Russia that can boast a similar collection of architectural elements.

lepnina-1.jpg   lepnina-2.jpg   lepnina-3.jpg   lepnina-5.jpg   lepnina-4.jpg

The pieces of this collection have witnessed the war and endured bombings, but the harmony they transmit, granted to them by the master architects, who shaped the architectural identity of Paris in the Napoleonic times, remained intact. Mirum designers and architects have carefully replicated these decorative elements to be used in adorning the façades of the Moscow Deauville.

Mirum’s architectural bureau

From the beginning of the design development to the interior and exterior decoration of each house, construction of Mirum residential communities represents an artistic process, bringing together top professionals in various fields, each putting love and professionalism in their work. All Mirum properties have an immediately recognizable architectural style; at the same time, each house has its own unique personality.

Mirum Architectural Bureau will be happy to share with you their know-how and provide customization services for private houses.