Our Projects

Mirum specializes in creating master-planned luxury residential communities, each property representing an authentic work of architecture, recognized by its uniqueness.

Our projects are located in the most prestigious area of the Moscow suburbs, between the Rublevsko-Uspenskoye, Minskoye and Mozhaiskoye highways, in the prestigious and affluent Odintsovo district of the Moscow region as well as in Elounda, a high-end seafront area on the Greek island of Crete.


Mirum’s pioneer lifestyle suburban development, the legendary Nikolino met and anticipated the highest housing standards at the time, defining a whole new frontier for similar projects.

With its meticulously thought design and sublimely harmonic style, Nikolino became a trendsetter, as real estate market experts without hesitation listed it among the finest projects in Moscow area.


Nikolino located on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, the most prestigious area of the Moscow suburbs, the property features a 350-home residential community spread across 200 ha site


When projecting Deauville, our second luxury lifestyle community in the vicinity of Odintsovo, we were committed to keep the bar high and achieve perfection offering something no less impressive. Our efforts were more than successful: Deauville may without exaggeration be defined an architectural pearl.

We set an ambitious goal: to reproduce the architectural style and design of the internationally renowned resort. But the major difficulty and the main challenge was to design customized unique architectural projects rather than simply replicate the façades of the French Deauville.


Deauville is a Russian twin of the famous French resort

Deauville was realized after several years of joint efforts of experts from various fields - designers, architects, engineers, and construction personnel. Basing our work on French architectural drawings, we created the final design project documentation and a detailed 3D model of the cottage community.

The community itself features a majestic natural lake, which mirror-like surface covers an area of 16 ha (about 40 acres). Its central square resembles that of a European town: it’s hard to believe you are just a 20-minute drive from Moscow. Lush parks, picturesque promenades and such architectural elements as rotundas, arches and miniature sculpture – all this makes Moscow Deauville a true masterpiece of architecture and landscape design.


French people call Trouville the younger brother of Deauville. Their Moscow-area counterparts have the same relationship. The Trouville residential community, located just 12 km from Moscow along the Minskoye highway, is more intimate and cozy than Deauville. At the same time, its luxury homes meet the same impeccable standards for premium housing.

Trouville is implemented in the traditional Norman style. The picturesque houses with their characteristic high steep roofs, designed to divert rain water, are exceptionally durable and thus perfect for the northern climate.

The Trouville – the charm of Normandy, just a 25-minute drive from Moscow

Trouville – the charm of Normandy, just a 25-minute drive from Moscow

You will not find two alike homes in the community, a unique combination of diverse artistic elements makes each one unique. All together, however, the houses represent a harmonious architectural composition.

Mirum Elounda Villas – luxurious villas on the Mirabello Bay coastline

Elounda is synonymous to luxury and style, it is not only the most beautiful but also one of the most peaceful and private areas of Crete you want to visit again and again. Famous around the world for one of the richest selections of luxurious five-star hotels in the Mediterranean region, Elounda is distinguished for its top-quality and high-level infrastructure. It offers endless possibilities for incredible and unforgettable experiences. Everyone can find something to their most sophisticated tastes: exploring ancient ruins, golfing, sailing and yachting, fishing or taking time for a complete relax at luxurious spas.


Mirum Elounda Villas – seafront luxurious villas on Mirabello Bay coastline

Mirum Elounda Villas was Mirum’s first project on the paradisiacal island of Crete, the cradle of European civilization, situated in the heart of Mediterranean.

The elegant Villa community represents a new level of sophisticated luxury mansions in the Mediterranean Sea. With its 10 front-line beach residences, featuring swimming pools and picturesque gardens, this villa complex offers happiness, relax and tranquillity, along with a high level of personal comfort and security, as well as a EU residence permit. Each villa has a direct access to the beach, where each resident has an assigned area at his complete disposal.