Management and Maintenance

Work on Mirum’s projects continues even after the last house found its owner.

To maintain the quality and the highest standards of the living environment, it is necessary to constantly ensure the proper management of its components. We devote full attention to the efficient management and maintenance of our communities, which are entrusted only to companies that have progressive experience working with premium suburban housing.

The employees of our service companies are true professionals in the management and maintenance of customized residential housing and its complex infrastructure, applying the latest technological innovations in residential engineering. They put their heart and professionalism in assuring that Mirum community residents enjoy a comfortable, private and safe life.


Mirum reside community services include:

  • security surveillance and a pass access control system;  
  • public spaces and landscape maintenance; daily cleaning of the grounds;  
  • snow removal in winter;  
  • electricity, heating, hot and cold water;  
  • removal of household garbage;
  • gentrification and landscaping of property; 
  • concierge and reception services, distribution of mail;
  • round the clock administrative services; 
  • infrastructure and leisure facilities maintenance.