Mirum Group

The Mirum Group is a leader in the luxury real estate sector, and is responsible for the development of the master-planned suburban communities. Renowned for its 20-years’ experience in real estate development and management both by the market insiders and by prospect clients, Mirum Group represents excellence and luxury in residential and holiday properties alike. With each new project Mirum achieves perfection through superior quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure, immediately recognizable architectural style, exclusive design and incredible details, creating an unparalleled experience and constantly raising the bar for luxury living, making each property one of a kind.

Mirum has redefined the property landscape of the Moscow’s environs through its pioneering lifestyle community developments in Moscow suburbs.

The master-planned communities provide residents a true sense of belonging with homes set around picturesque settings highlighting the beauty of the Moscow-area natural environment.

We rely only on the time-proved maintenance and service partners, that can boast a progressive experience in suburban residential communities’ maintenance to guarantee the highest world-class standards to the residents.


Mirum integrated lifestyle communities: Real savor of life. 

All our property developments feature restaurants, fitness centers, SPA, shops, beaches and children’s playgrounds, as well as numerous parks and promenade areas.

Over 30% of each community’s total area is dedicated exclusively to infrastructure and facilities, that manifests our commitment into creating integrated recreational zones able to provide residents a true sense of belonging with the community.

The telecommunication company GreenLine provides high-speed Internet access and offers a full range of additional telecommunication services using the latest optical fiber technology.