Mirum Group of Companies

The Mirum group of companies is a leading player in the area of upscale suburban housing development. Our cottage communities enjoy a well-deserved preeminence in the market and are well known to both real estate industry insiders and those who have at some point thought about acquiring premium housing in Moscow’s environs.

Thanks to Mirum’s sophisticated conception of construction, all its properties have a unique, immediately recognizable architectural style. Our landscaping efforts make masterful use of a ground’s natural features, highlighting the beauty of the Moscow-area’s natural environment. We draw upon an impressively broad array of exclusive design and decoration techniques, allowing us to customize the appearance of each and every house we build.

Our properties are managed and maintained by companies that have extensive experience working with suburban residential communities in accordance with the highest world-class standards.

Элитный посёлок Николино в Подмосковье

Mirum cottage communities: the savor of life in the midst of true beauty!    

All our properties have restaurants, fitness centers, shops, beaches and children’s playing grounds, as well as numerous parks and promenade areas.

Over 30% of each cottage community’s total area is given over to infrastructure, which suggests the great care and attention we put into creating proper recreational zones.

The telecommunication firm GreenLine provides high-speed Internet access and offers a full range of additional telecommunication services using the latest optical fiber technology.