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Cottage community

De Luxe club cottage communities in the most beautiful localities
of the Moscow area and abroad

These upscale cottage communities, designed and constructed by the Mirum group of companies, are one-of-a-kind phenomena in Russia.

Nikolino, the legendary cottage community along the Rublevsko-Uspenskoye highway, has turned the gold standard of Russian high-end suburban development upside down. Real estate experts acknowledge its place among the top projects in the vicinity of Moscow.

Deauville and Trouville, two luxury cottage communities located just outside Moscow, sometimes seem to outshine in beauty and irreproachable style even their celebrated French prototypes.

At all stages of development, from designing to maintaining its communities, Mirum collaborates with only the best experts in the field.

All our properties are veritable masterpieces of landscape design, comprising picturesque parks and natural bodies of water, as well as fashionable restaurants, organic food stores, spa clinics, fitness centers and children’s entertainment and leisure facilities. 

Property management and maintenance companies provide excellent service conforming to the highest of world class standards. You don’t buy a house, you buy a lifestyle!